19 Januari 2011 19 : 19 ; 21 Januari 2011 20 : 30

I miss you , thats the word can say in the night , in every time when i remembered you . i miss your love , i miss your voice , i miss your laugh , i miss your smile , i miss your care , and i miss you all about you . can hear me ? can you feel the same of me ? i hope that L

In every hard night i always want to call you , but im unbrave to do . im afraid . im affraid to addicted to you . because i know i cant be with you (again) .

For the first i know you , for the first i meet you , for the first you take my hand and for the first i love you .

And this is for a many times i cry . i cant to hold back this feel for you , i miss you so hard . i want to know that .

Now , soon , after that and every hard night , i wanna try more and more .

In my pray also insert your name and i believe that god always to hear me , to hear my pray :

“ allah , if he’s not the best for me , with all of my heart and soul . allah save him like he save me for the time being with him , to offer more and more the best for him .”

When you dreaming with a broken heart , the weaking up is the hardest part . She takes you in with her crying eyes . Then all at once you have to say goodbye . Wondering, could you stay my love ? No, he cant . Cause he GONE , GONE , GONE , GONE

*Some lyrics john meyer- when you dreaming with a broken heart*

But thats not a dream , thats a real fact . and i did it alone , without you and noone . i know i can , but i need a more and more time . its not easy because youre meaningfull .

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